• Amy

"Just figure out what you want, then it'll work out."

How many times have you gotten this message? How many articles, books, and heart-to-hearts have asked you to just decide what you want, and then go after it by _________________?

As if it's just that easy.

Knowing what we need can be much easier, and once that's been satisfied, options open up and we start to dream about possibilities. *Gulp* So many possibilities! So what do I want?!

In October, I will host the first annual "What Do You *Really* Want?" Retreat in collaboration with Miror at The Salon. It's a yearly check-in to reflect, dig in and play with this vital question.

A preview: What did you dream about as a little kid (under 10 years old)? What were your favorite toys, activities, hopes and dreams? What would that little kid think about the life you lead today?

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