Talk Therapy with Amy

Certified Sex Therapist


Imago Relationship Therapist (currently under supervision)

Certified EMDR Therapist 


Supervisor-in-Training, AASECT Certification



EMDRIA Certification

What exactly is sex therapy?
I am clinically licensed in the state of Pennsylvania to provide psychological talk therapy services in accordance with federal and professional guidelines. 
We talk.  But here, we talk about the stuff most people don't talk about, which is why it's sex therapy.  Reading, daily exercises, and dialoguing with your partner are examples of common "homework" assignments.  In session, we work on a new way to understand your sexual self-- a way that helps you move toward to the life you truly want.
How long with this process take?
Good questions.  Depends on what "success" means to you, depends on how long the issue has been around, depends on how complex the healing opportunity is... depends on alot of things. 
Some folks see therapy as guidance from point a to point b; some see therapy as coaching or mentorship, a way to seek guidance ongoingly and/or episodically when life lets you know it's time for a change.
What does sex therapy cost?
I am an out-of-network provider.  I have so many reasons for this.  My colleagues at have done a beautiful job articulating some of them.
My fee is $120 per hour; I also have the option of 1.5 hour sessions.
I can provide you with a detailed receipt for our session (referred to by the weird term, Superbill) to submit your insurance for possible reimbursement.  These colleagues explain in easy language how to start that process.
This may not be what you were expecting, and that's okay.  Let's have a conversation about it.  
Located in Pittsburgh, PA and via Teletherapy
Tu, Wed and Fri 1p to 8p; Sat 9a to 4p.  Closed for holidays.