You deserve to be happy.  I can help.

Life can get hard. 

That's probably why you're here.  

I'm glad you made it.

So let's not waste time. Once you know what help you need, please be in touch - your life is waiting.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

                                          - Amy

Who I Help

Relationships: Consensual Nonmonogamy (CNM), Polyamory, Ethical Nonmonogamy, Open Marriage, Swinging, Marriage Counseling, Couples, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, LGBTQIA, Affairs, Infidelity


Intimacy: Libido/Desire Mismatch, Infidelity, Affairs, Anxiety, Infertility, New Parents/New Moms, Divorce, Separation, Transition, Aging, Widowhood/Loss, Cancer, Chronic Illness

Sex: Sexual Dysfunction, Anorgasmic, Preorgasmia, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Eager Ejaculation, Fetishes, BDSM, Leather, Kink, Arousal and Desire Concerns, Menopausal Challenges, Libido Concerns, Libido Mismatch, Low Sex Relationship, Sexless Marriage, Sexual Pain, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Same Sex Attraction, Pansexuality

Gender: Gender Questioning, Gender Fluidity, Transvestism, Transgender, Gender Transition, FtoM, MtoF, Gender Nonconformity, Cross-Dressing

Trauma: (or, disproportionate reactivity about what did or may happen which is making life harder than necessary) Includes single episode & chronic; long ago & recent; emotional, verbal, relational, sexual, financial & all the other wounds of infliction and/or neglect that change us without our consent.

425 N. Craig St, Ste. 302, Pittsburgh 15213
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Regular Office Hours: Tu, Wed and Fri 1p to 8p; Sat 9a to 4p.  Closed for holidays.
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