Candy Cotton

Ready to go beyond?

I think a standard approach to therapy is great (obviously...) but isn't always the greatest for what you may need.

Explore here for some of the pathways less traveled.

Coming Late 2021!

Join me, and one another, for a lifechanging healing journey.  Please visit The Marriage Restoration Project for more!

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Workshops and Retreats

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For that space between talking to your therapist and connecting with your friends, Miror offers a growing catalogue of life-healing workshops for exchanging, connecting and deepening.

I regularly offer workshop series and Exchange Encounters-- check out their lineup!

Often in association with the good eggs at

And there is always more...

Groups, EMDR Intensives and Special Topic Supervision Retreats for Professionals are in the works!

If you are curious, please reach out. 

I'll be glad to hear from you.