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When Science Outsciences Science: challenges to the polyvagal theory

Science is foremost about facts. What is true? And that question invites changing answers. In the 1950s, science said it was a good idea to spray your kiddos down with DEET before they went to summer camp. (Spoiler-- Science absolutely does not say that anymore. Please don't do this.)

An important scientific change in the therapy space is about Porges' Polyvagal Theory. This opinion piece from Dr. Tang ( is an easy-to-read overview of some challenges to his work.

I don't know if the door is closed on Polyvagal Theory, but it isn't as open as it was. And that, my friends, is what science is about. Looking and learning and looking harder and learning more.

I deeply encourage you to do the same in all areas of your life. Happy hunting!

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