• Amy

The wisdom of bugs.

"What's bugging you?" "You got a bug up your butt." "I'll put that bug in his ear."

Perhaps bugs symbolize those moments when something (ideas, beliefs, conflicts, etc.) doesn't sit well. Something we are not integrating readily. It gets stuck and if we aren't suppressing our nature, we cough and hack and drink some water to push it through. We face it. So what is it?

Maybe bugs are low-intensity triggers. If one is lucky, maybe those bugs can trigger action-- or even honesty. Am I willing to admit what's "bugging" me and why? Even if it is uncomfortable? Even if it means I have to admit there are choices I'm making that are against my own values?

If the "bugs" are messages from my conscience, they are an opportunity to make better decisions. Listen to them even when it's painful. They're there for a reason.

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