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A Relationship Assessment

Relationships are the central fact of existence. Interdependence is how life on planet earth works, and the quality of those interdependences is an assessment of relationship.

Here's a quick-scan rundown to ask yourself about your relationships:

  1. What ruptures linger from the past and stand in the way of being present today?

  2. How motivated am I to repair those ruptures? Is my level of motivation based on ego (fear of loss, stubbornness of selfrighteousness, expectations of the other mindreading)?

  3. How is this relationship calling me to grow? Am I up for the challenge?

  4. Which relationships are "I-Thou" and which are "I-it"? Why? (see Martin Buber for details)

  5. What is uncomfortable in my relationships and what is unsafe? What do I want to do about that?

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