Smart Folks, Solid Information

It's hard to find reliable information about sex and relationships.  Here's a short, solid list. 


Tammy Nelson

Ian Kerner

Barry McCarthy

Emily Nagoski

Gina Ogden

Evelyn Resh


-Where Should We Begin?
     with Esther Perel
-Sex Nerd Sandra
-Smart Sex, Smart Love
     with Joe Kort
-Savage LoveCast
     with Dan Savage
-Black Love Matters
     with Niram & Niambi


Femani Wellness

     Step by step guides to sexual health   

     treatments by a sex educator &




      American Association for Sexuality

      Educators, Counselors &   


Imago Relationship Therapy

      My method of couple therap and     

      here's a pamphlet to learn more:

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

      Advocates for the dignity of       

      BDSM/Kink/Leather sexuality &


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